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He lied about his dating profile. Must I abandon him? Ask Ellie

He lied about his dating profile. Must I abandon him? Ask Ellie

Q I met a guy on a Faceb k dating application. We seemed to really hit it off and saw one another many times a week in addition to the day-to-day texts and calls. It’s been over 3 months of our relationship.

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He’s got stated sweet things such as, “ What exactly are you doing for the next 25 years?” and also me to believe we are a couple that he is “in this for the long haul” … leading.

Therefore I t k straight down my dating profile. A buddy called me because she was alerted regarding the app that is dating my dating partner’s profile photo had changed.

I became shocked that his profile had been still active, also it meant that he’s still l king that he changed his profile picture, as clearly.

The next occasion he was seen by me i asked him directly the thing that was happening. He lied if you ask me, stating that he was not on the application and he changed his regular Faceb k photo, and so the dating application must’ve immediately updated his picture.

I investigated the possibility and understand this to not be real. We don’t know if i will call “malarky” on their lie or let it slip and simply be watchful.

I was contemplating asking him time that is next together to remove his dating profile in front of me personally but I’m perhaps not yes if that’s enough to satisfy me personally.

He’d talked on and on about integrity, high morals and values to me . he then lied such as this? He additionally tried to backpedal, saying that we’ve just been dating a small number of days that I know isn’t the case because I know the date each time a friend passed on so we were texting during that time.

He stated he didn’t then think so shrugged their arms and changed the topic.

Should he is given by me another opportunity and see what are the results?

A appears like it’s time for a break. 90 days of dating is rarely a long enough time for absolute certainty that someone’s a great match for you.

You, and dated/or contacted you regularly, character issues take longer to emerge though he said some complimentary things to.

Yet, you say he talked of high values. And insisted he wasn’t lying to you concerning the profile picture.

Whatever your actual age and previous experiences, if your criteria for dating at this time call for absolute trust, this guy has broken the seal on which you thought was developing closeness toward a relationship that is committed.

Some ladies might feel with his new l k on the dating app that it’s still early days, and OK that he still wanted to see what happens for him. They may even see it being a challenge.

But you are certain by what crosses line for you. You imagine that he lied for your requirements, minimized the amount of time you two have actually dated, and which you probably wouldn’t be satisfied by his taking down their dating profile prior to you.

Be true to your standards that are own. Move ahead.


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Reader’s Commentary Regarding the man whose wife won’t grant his request that she wear stockings and high heels in sleep (Feb. 13)

Reader “He’s in a situation that is no-win. If she’s perhaps not her will only create friction into it(at least willing), pushing. If she agrees, she won’t be happy, and it’ll show in her attitude when coming up with love. He should accept reality and let it go.”

Ellie’s tip regarding the time

Dating is a time of studying one another. In the event that you don’t trust what you see and hear, proceed.

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